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As many of you know my older furbaby Ice has epilepsy.

Many of you may not know what epilepsy is. Epilepsy is a non-conclusive diagnosis. Which means if the vet tests your dog for everything and everything comes back negative then they say your dog has epilepsy AKA they don't know whats wrong.

I just want to spread the word to everyone who has an epileptic dog that rosemary is known to induce seizures in dogs prone to seizures. Unfortunately rosemary is a very common product used in making kibble and biscuits for dogs because of its preservative qualities. My dog had seizures for years until I switched him to a rosemary free food and he hasn't had a single seizure since the day I switched him (knock on wood) I also know of two other people who had dogs with seizures who switched one has been seizure free and the other dramatically reduced the frequency of them. Even if it isn't the cause isn't it worth trying to switch to see if it help? Unfortunately rosemary free foods are hard to find and usually cost more. I feed my dogs Born Free and Fromm dog foods (and sell them at my shop). I also know Natural Balance (sold at Petco) and Authority (sold at petsmart) dog foods are rosemary free. There are more out there you just have to read the ingredients on the bag! Also using is a good tool! And even if your dog doesn't have seizures it's not a bad idea to switch them anyway as a preventative. Ice didn't start having seizures until he was 5. So who knows maybe you can prevent your dog from having them when they get older too. I always recommend you feed your dog grain-fee and rosemary-free foods. I even found a rosemary-free puppy food to start Indy on! If you ever have any questions or need advise I am always available!


EDIT: Recently Natural Balance has added rosemary to their dog foods so it is no longer a rosemary free option. The regulations on pet foods are not strong. A dog food company can actually change its ingredients and they have SIX MONTHS to change their packaging to reflect the correct ingredient list. Some companies take advantage of this (not saying natural balance did just in general). It really is a shame that we have to worry so much about trusting the pet food industry. And it goes to show how important it is to find a high quality pet food from a reputable honest brand. 


Please click on the link below to read an article about rosemary linked to seizures in dogs.


Rosemary Extract = Pet Food Neurotoxin: The Dog Press




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