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People always ask me "whats a good food to feed my dog?" or "Is such and such brand a good food?"


The key to finding a good quality dog food is reading and UNDERSTANDING the ingredients. is a great website to help you understand ingredients and what they mean for your dog. This website is a database of hundreds of dog food brands you can search for a specific one and see a breakdown of the ingredients and how its rated (on a 5 star rating system). If you ever have a question about a specific ingredient in our age of technology google is your best friend. There are many ingredients in dog food I can barely pronounce let alone know what they are. This in it self should be a warning sign if you cant pronounce it its not natural. So I google it and find out what it is (many times it just ends up being the chemical compound name of a vitamin) but if you wouldn't eat it dont feed it to your dog, simple as that!


I HIGHLY recommend a grain free, high protein diet for your dog. I also reccomend a rosemary free food. From my personal experiences with a dog that has siezures it is thought that rosemary can induce sezuires in dogs prone to sezuires. Unfortunately rosemary is used in many forms as a preservitive in most dry kibble, to find one that is rosemary free is hard and expensive.


What Would the Ideal Dog Food Look Like? Here are seven suggestions to feeding your dog the proper diet:

1. Higher in meat-based protein

2. Higher in natural fats and oils

3. Lower in carbohydrates

4. Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source

5. Free of animal or vegetable by-products

6. Free of artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives

7. Complete in all essential vitamins and minerals

My personal favorites are:

Born Free Salmon Formula

Fromm 4 Star Grain Free dog food line

Primal Raw frozen and freeze dried


Kibble is the most commonly fed dog food because it is relatively cheap, easy to feed and of course chewing is good for your dogs teeth and gums. But dont forget there are many options to feed your pet including kibble, wet, raw, frozen, freeze dried, dehydrated, fresh and homemade.


Visit to see thorough explainations of each ingredient in every dog food. Check out their website and see how your food ranks. Please remember that each dog has different dietary needs, if you have any questions feel free to email me at

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